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Asia’s largest CSP project ordered

Global solar technology group awarded contract to built Asia’s largest concentrating solar facility

Asia's largest CSP facility commissioned

AREVA Solar has been chosen by Indian group, Reliance Power Ltd to build 250MW worth of concentrating solar power (CSP) facilities. The project is the largest of its kind in Asia to date.

The project is part of a plan by the Indian government to get 20,000MW of solar power onto the grid by 2022. The government projects this could save 557,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year compared to a conventional power station coal.

AREVA plans to build two 125MW CSP plants in the state of Rajasthan, using concentrating solar thermal technology (CLFR). The first plant is already under construction and will be in commercial operation in 2013.

JP Chalasani, Reliance Power chairman said: "This announcement is only the beginning. We look forward to working with AREVA Solar and help India achieve its goals of clean energy through this type of project."

Luke Oursel, AREVA CEO said: "AREVA is pleased to participate in the program development of solar energy in India and to support the ambition of Reliance in clean energy. We will bring all our experience so that India and Reliance in particular become global players in the solar industry.

“After our success in offshore wind in France, this agreement confirms AREVA's strategy in the field of renewable energy."

AREVA Solar already has over 500MW of CSP projects in operation, under construction or development.