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Marine energy firms join up to develop world's largest wave farm

The AWS-III technology converts wave power to pneumatic power

French firm Alstom and Scotland’s SSE Renewables are working together to develop the world’s largest wave farm. The companies have signed a joint venture agreement to develop the Costa Head Wave Project, a 200MW wave energy site located north of mainland Orkney, Scotland.

New power generator takes to the waves

 Testing on Eco Wave Power's marine technology is complete

Eco Wave Power has completed construction and testing of its first sea wave energy generation models the "Wave Clapper", and the "Power Wing". The testing took place in the wave pool of the Hydro-Mechanical National Institute of Kiev .

Enviro policies boost China hydro power

The Three Gorges Project generated 78.29bn kWh of electricity in 2011‎

During the next five years, China will initiate a 160 million kW project for the hydroelectricity power industry to increase the ability of using alternative energy and to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

The balance of power

Hydropower could be the answer in balancing power supply

Using hydropower to balance electricity supply could provide a timely boost to an industry that is struggling against environmental concerns and huge subsidies for competing renewable technologies.

Underwater turbine installation marks major milestone for marine energy

A 100ft underwater turbine that will be part of the world’s first tidal power array has been successfully deployed in the sea around Orkney, Scotland. The 1MW Hammerfest Strom HS1000 device can power the annual electricity needs of 500 homes.

Hydro industry learns from mistakes

Poor maintenance and engineering were the main causes of the explosion at the Sa

A few hours after unusual load demands were made on the Sayano Shushenkaya hydro plant in Siberia, one of its hydro-generators exploded and within seconds thousands of litres of water flooded the power house.

Scotland brings first wave power plant to Spain

The plant will use wave power to provide electricity for 250 homes

Scotland’s marine energy firm Voith Hydro Wavegen has put the world’s first full life wave power plant into commercial operation. The plant has been sold to Ente Vasco de la Energía, the Basque Energy Board in the North of Spain.

Buoyant platforms provide solutions to cutting tidal costs

Buoyant designs can be easily floated into place, removing the need for craneage

As with any industry, once mass production and installation of marine energy conversion devices is possible the cost per unit will decrease significantly.


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