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Greenko buys two Indian hydropower assets

Indian clean energy developer, Greenko, has acquired two hydropower assets which have a combined potential of 56 MW.

Marine firm set for US tidal power debut

The TidGen Power System will be deployed off the Maine coast in the US in March

A US firm has started installing its first commercial tidal power system.

UK and France join for “major” tidal arrays projects

The UK-France projects will see arrays developed to harness tidal power

UK and French firms have joined together to develop two major tidal array projects. Channel Islands energy developer Tidal Alderney Renewable Energy (ARE) has signed agreements for two major projects aimed at creating one of the most significant tidal power sites in Europe.

Scotland green lights first nearshore wave array

Aquamarine Power will deploy another two machines at EMEC

Regulators in Scotland have given consent for Aquamarine Power to install the UK’s first grid-connected nearshore wave power array. The 2.4MW demonstration project will be located off the coast of Orkney in northern Scotland.

Scots push forward marine technology with GBP 6m R&D funding

Scotland is aiming to produce 12GW of electricity from marine power by 2020

The Scottish Government is to make available GBP 6m to fund research and development in wave and tidal power technology in Scotland.

Control system to move forward wave energy developments in Sweden

A control system has been specially for the Ocean Harvester protoype

A Swedish marine plant is set to trial a control system that will help improve energy efficiency of wave power technology. The control and measurement system aims to show the benefit of power smoothing energy extracted from the ocean.

Giant UK tidal turbine moves to major testing site

Atlantis is taking its AR1000 tidal turbine to the next stage of testing

With shareholders committing to fund further technology development in 2012, Atlantis Resources Corporation is moving its AR1000 tidal turbine testing programme to the National Renewable Energy Centre (Narec) in Blyth, Northumberland in the UK.

Licence issued for US’s first tidal power project

The project is happening in the East River off Roosevelt Island, New York City

The US’s first tidal project is underway after a pilot project licence has been issued. It gives the country its first commercial licence for tidal power.

Low-cost wave power device set to transform marine energy industry

Searaser will harness low cost energy from ocean swells

UK green energy firm Ecotricity is developing a low-cost wave power device using technology which is believed to transform the marine energy market. The device, called Searaser, harnesses energy from ocean swells by pumping seawater using a vertical piston between two buoys.

UK government to support first marine energy arrays with GBP 10m investment

The competition aims to lead to more energy-efficient wave and tidal technology

The UK government has launched a GBP 10m competition to find energy-efficient technology that will support the marine industry’s first full scale energy arrays.


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