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Scotland’s first marine energy park opens

A marine energy park has opened in Scotland. Scotland's first Marine Energy Park (MEP) will include the largest wave and tidal development zone in the world to develop marine energy technologies.

Brazil’s first wave power prototype generates power

The Brazilian coastline's proximity to consumers makes it ideal for wave energy

Brazil has seen its first generation of wave power after a machine has started generating energy in the country’s coastal waters. The wave converter prototype has started producing power as part of the Brazil Electricity Regulatory Agency’s (ANEEL) R&D project. 

Sonar tech to monitor UK marine energy systems

Technology will check the effects of marine energy on birds and other wildlife

Sonar technology is being used to monitor marine energy devices in the UK. The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) team in Southampton is using sonar systems for the first time to monitor wave and tidal machines and determine the effects installations have on the environment.

Swiss firm finishes hydro project in India

The plant will boost hydro power in India

A Swiss energy company has completed a turnkey hydro power project in India. Alstom has achieved the synchronization and full load of three 77 MW units at the Chamera III hydro plant, which has been built on the river Ravi in Himachal Pradesh.

Indian company in government talks to boost hydropower

An Indian company is in government talks to boost hydropower in the country.

Technology institute to approve designs for 13 hydro projects in India

A technology institute in India is to approve the designs of over a dozen hydro projects for the country.

Tests a success on US firm’s next generation wave system

Tests have been successfully completed on a next generation wave energy system in the US.

Netherlands firm acquires tidal system to boost marine power

The tidal power system has been demonstrated in Westerschelde

A Netherlands firm has acquired a tidal power system to help it move into commercialisation and boost marine power.

Funding approved for India tidal energy first

The project will mark the start of tidal energy technology in India

India’s first tidal project looks set to get the green light after funding has been approved. The western Indian state of Gujarat plans to spend 250 million rupees (USD 4.8m) to help develop the nation’s first project to produce power from ocean tides, according to reports.

Hydropower offers hopes of Indian energy security – report

Increasing hydropower generation capacity could help strengthen India's energy security amid threats of coal shortages, claims a new report.


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