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India firm completes 110MW hydroelectric plant in Sikkim state

An Indian electricity company has completed work on an 110MW hydroelectric plant powered with French technology in the north-eastern state of Sikkim. Gati Infrastructure has officially announced completion of the USD 221m plant, which the company has said is operating at a steady state.

German expertise called for Chilean hydropower plant

A consortium of German construction groups have been commissioned to help build a 531-megawatt hydropower plant in Chile at a cost of USD 277 million.

Indian firm secures three hydropower projects

Indian clean energy developer Greenko has acquired three more hydropower projects in Himachal Pradesh, totalling 15 MW.

China and Netherlands join together to develop world’s largest tidal energy project

China and Netherlands are working together to develop what is set to be the world’s largest tidal energy scheme using a new type of marine technology.

Two wave power plants underway in China

Work to build two wave power plants is underway in China. The plants, which use a cost effective approach to harnessing wave power, are set to provide a major boost to marine energy for the BRIC country. 

German pumping tech selected for hydro plant in China

German pump technology totalling 1,200MW is being used to develop a hydro plant in Southeast China. Chinese energy provider, the State Grid Corporation of China, has ordered four German pumped storage units for the Hongping pumped storage plant in Jiangxi province.

First US wave energy station under construction

A pioneer grid-connected wave energy station is being built in the US. The construction is underway for the first US wave power plant with a capacity of 1.5MW in Oregon.

Run-of-river hydropower plant set for UK

A run-of-river hydropower project is being developed in the UK to start operating next year. The 300kW installation, which will be built on the Afon Cadair river in Wales, is expected to generate an average of 1,300MWh of electricity per year, providing power for up to 300 households.

US scientists convert ocean waves into electricity

US researchers successfully converted simulated ocean waves into electric power using a Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter (CycWEC).

Chinese firm to develop hydropower plant in Bolivia

Chinese firm to set up power plant in Bolivia

A Chinese state-owned firm will design and build a hydroelectric power plant for the government of Evo Morales, a move which would allow the country to meet its power needs, it emerged on Tuesday.


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