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Solar Energy

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US firms collaborate to speed home solar installations

Astrum Solar has reached an agreement with DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions to collaborate on standards for solar installation offerings and ensure the continued use of premium quality system components.

Japanese bank signs off 200 MW Indian solar plant

A Japanese banking holding giant will lead a project to build a solar plant in India capable of generating up to 200 megawatts in energy capacity.

Spanish firm selects Chinese PV to build solar parks totalling 30MW in South Africa

A Spanish firm is using Chinese PV totalling 30MW to build large-scale solar parks in South Africa.

German firm completes 26MW solar plant on former military site in India

A German solar firm has completed solar plants in India totalling 26MW.

Chinese PV powers largest automotive solar park in the US

Chinese PV technology has been used to power the largest solar installation at an automotive manufacturing facility in the US.

French firm collaborates on Indian solar project built with US PV

A French clean energy company is working with a USD 15.9bn Indian conglomerate to develop a solar plant in the BRIC country using US PV technology.

World first Chinese PV launched to perform in extreme temperatures

A Chinese firm has developed what is claimed to be the world’s first PV module certified to perform under extreme weather conditions.

Chinese PV tech totalling 61MW selected for land conversion solar project in Germany

Chinese solar technology totalling 61MW has been chosen to develop a land conversion PV project in Germany.

PV firm in $35m investment to build solar tech facilities in China

A Chinese solar cells firm is to invest USD 35m to build facilities to develop PV and hybrid technology in the country.

US solar firm works with R&D company to boost PV cell efficiency

A US solar firm is working with a R&D company to further improve the efficiency of its PV cells.


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