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Solar Energy

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Quality control route to efficiency gains

With the potential for higher conversion efficiency over traditional thin-film technologies, interest in the development of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin-film PV development is growing.

Hybrid solar plant set to generate power in Spain

The Aora Solar plant

Israeli firm AORA Solar, a developer of applied ultra-high temperature concentrating solar power (CSP) technology, has completed construction on its gas turbine solar thermal power station in Spain.

Indium: a critical component for future PV

Skies the limit: Indium is taking solar technology to new heights

PV “will be the fastest-growing significant application for indium over the next eight years at least,” says industry analysts NanoMarkets, based in the US.

Organic solar cells set to improve PV performance and cut costs

Imec's research and development aims to improve solar cell technology

Belgium’s Imec and 16 project partners have launched the European FP7 project X10D, which aims to develop tandem organic solar cells with an increased conversion efficiency and lifetime, and a decreased production cost

Waste gas abatement a safer solution for solar

Gas abatement technology can make manufacturing solar panels safer

The production of solar cells employs dangerous and environmentally harmful substances, which require abatement.


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