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Wind Energy

Radar technology to open up 4GW of UK wind power

Building wind turbines near to radar technology will open up 4GW of wind power

The MOD has agreed a deal for developers to fund new wind farm-friendly radars, with the potential to unlock more than 4GW of renewable energy, enough to power over two million homes.

Growth proves big is not always best

In the wind industry it appears that the biggest driver is to make everything bigger and more powerful.

Flexible trailing edge flap for blades to make wind power cheaper

Manufacturing a wind turbine

The idea dates back to 2003 when researchers from Risø DTU was inspired by the bird of prey's ability to manoeuvre in turbulent air currents, while they at the same time remained at a stable point in the air.


Facing up to the ice factor

With demand for wind power continuing to grow across the world, more and more wind turbines are being installed in extreme climate conditions, most notably cold climates.

Environmental assessment: the greatest risk to offshore wind farm development

Sensitive bird species provide major challenges for windfarm developers

When it comes to offshore wind, the planning issues – both in terms of deciding whether a project can be viable in the first place and whether it can get through the consent process – are vast. Being granted a site lease for development is just the beginning of the story.

Small wind reaches new heights

Vertical axis wind turbines thrive in very strong winds

The use of small wind turbines is growing, according to UK trade association RenewableUK. It reports a 65% rise in annual capacity additions for 2010, with 14.23MW installed compared to 8.62MW in 2009.

Floating foundations for offshore wind

Floating technology will see turbines installed without needing monopiles

Future wind projects are leading to the development of bigger, weightier turbines, with installations happening further out to sea where there are greater wind speeds.

Gamesa opens blade manufacturing factory in India

Turbine blades will be manufactured in the Gamesa plant in Gujarat, India.

Spanish wind turbine developer Gamesa has opened its first blades factory in India. The factory will produce components for the company’s turbine systems G5X-850 kW and G9X-2.0 MW.


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