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Geothermal & Bioenergy

India to generate 98MW of biomass power

The contracts aim to generate a 98MW of energy from biomass

Contracts have been signed to generate almost 100MW of bioenergy in India, according to reports. Grid Corporation of Orissa Ltd (Gridco) has signed power purchase agreements with eight developers for a total biomass generation of 98MW in the state of Orissa, India.

Rice biomass plant planned for Thailand

Rice husk will fuel the Thailand plant to generate 9.9MW of electrical power

Plans are underway to build a biomass power plant that will run on rice in Thailand.

Offshore wind test module to harvest seaweed for biofuel production

The cultivation module has left the NIOZ harbour on the Dutch island of Texel

A Netherlands firm has started a trial which aims to combine generating offshore wind energy with bioenergy using seaweed.

The cultivation module, developed by energy firm Ecofys, is set to harvest the Dutch seaweed for the production of biofuels and energy.

Enzyme to slash costs on advanced biofuels

Novozymes produces enzymes for the production of cellulosic ethanol

An enzyme has been unveiled which is set to slash costs on biofuels production. Danish Page Contfirm Novozymes has developed the Cellic CTec3 enzyme, which it claims performs better than any other enzymes on the market.

Africa firm to build 6MW geothermal power plant in Kenya

The contract will see a 6MW geothermal power plant built in Kenya

An African firm has been awarded a contract to build a geothermal power plant in Kenya. Geothermal Development Company (GDC), owned by the Government of Kenya, has awarded Ormat International Inc. a subsidiary of Ormat Technologies, Inc, its first well head geothermal power plant project.

German engineering firm to build ORC geothermal power plant

Linde plans to tap into geothermal energy in water almost 2.5 miles underground

Linde Engineering is to build its first geothermal plant in Germany. The plant, which will generate 38,640MWh of electricity a year, will generate energy from geothermally-heated water almost 2.5 miles underground.

US firm to develop biofuels using plant cell technology

Biocorp ventures is aiming to develop stronger biofuels feedstocks

US biofuels company is set to use plant cell technology to develop new strains of algae and grasses that can be used to produce sustainable biofuels. Biocorp Ventures has signed a licence agreement with technology company Senesco, to access its plant cell technology.

“Green machine” installed at Austria biogas plant

ElectraTherm, a renewable energy company based in Reno, Nevada, has installed its first Green Machine in Austria at a biogas power generation facility to increase electrical production at the site without adding fuel or emissions.

German engineering group buys Choren biomass gasification technology

The technology has been applied on a semi-commercial plant in Germany

Linde Group has purchased biomass gasification technology from an insolvent German firm, and is looking for licensees for the product. The German company acquired the Carbo-V technology from Choren, which went into administration in 2011.


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