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Geothermal & Bioenergy

Oil firm and university team up to open Brazil’s first biofuels research centre

A Brazilian oil firm and state university have joined forces to open Latin America’s first biofuels research facility.

Chinese engineering firm upgrades landfill gas into renewables fuel with Canadian technology

The landfill gas will be upgraded to produce a renewable fuel

Canadian technology is being used to upgrade landfill gas into renewable fuel in China. Xebec Adsorption Inc, based in Quebec, Canada, is to install the system at Chinese engineering firm Golden Green’s Anshan city landfill site early next year.

Biomass to diesel conversion tech trialled in Austrian plant

A pilot plant has opened in an Austrian refinery to trial innovative biomass conversion technology.

China and Denmark to sign deal to boost green energy

China and Denmark are set to sign a major deal to boost developments in green energy. Chinese President Hu Jintao is in Denmark on a visit, which is expected to focus on bilateral economic relations, including expanding trade in green technology.

EU firms to develop “world class” biofuels facility in Brazil

Developments are set to see a series of biofuel facilities built in Brazil

Danish and Italian firms are working with a Brazilian bioenergy company to develop a biofuels facility in Brazil. Brazilian firm GraalBio will construct a commercial scale cellulosic ethanol facility in the Latin American country by 2013.

Chinese and US produce firms to build stateside biogas plants

Manure from hog farms is expected to run the first US biogas project this year

Chinese and US produce firms are working together to develop a series of biogas plants. Beijing DQY, China’s largest egg producer, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with firm Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork producer and processor, to develop the bioenergy plants in the US.

China firm to trial genetic trees for Brazil biomass power boost

Modified eucalyptus trees will be trialled to boost Brazil biomass power

A UK firm is set to trial genetically modified trees to boost biomass power in Brazil.

China and Iceland in geothermal cooperation

Iceland gets about 25 per cent of its power from geothermal sources

China looks set to work with Iceland to make developments in geothermal energy in the Far East, according to reports. The countries have signed agreements in geothermal cooperation which could lead to business investments and ways to utilise geothermal resources in China. 

US and India join up to advance clean energy technologies

Energy bodies from India and the US will lead research on developing renewables

Three expert energy bodies from India and the US have been chosen to lead research on developing renewable energy technologies, including bioenergy.

Indian algae-based biodiesel plant commissioned

Technology company, World Health Energy Holdings has agreed with Indian industrial and transport company, Prime to build a biodiesel production facility fuelled by algae.


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