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Geothermal & Bioenergy

Indo-Norwegian geothermal project to explore heat pump tech in India

Researchers from India and Norway will explore heat pump technology in the BRIC country as part of a major joint geothermal project, it has been revealed.

Boeing partners with Chinese firm to boost aviation biofuels

Chinese and US aerospace firms have teamed up in a bid to boost the amount of biofuels for use in the BRIC country’s aviation industry. Both companies will fund research into developing techniques to treat cooking oil and turn it into the renewable fuel. 

Brazil and US partner on bioethanol production

A Brazilian laboratory has chosen a US technology for a biomass research and development in an attempt to raise the production of bioethanol. The technology could raise yield of the biofuel by as much as 40 per cent.

India and Denmark team up in bioenergy first

Indian and Danish firms and universities have teamed up for the first biotechnology exchange programme between the two countries. Danish biotech firm Novozymes and Danish-Indian Holck-Larsen Foundation will work with universities from across the countries to advance biotechnology.

Chinese firm works with UK Uni to develop bioenergy tech

China’s largest drinks firm and a UK university are working together to research and develop bioenergy technology. Chinese company Wahaha and The University of Nottingham have signed an agreement to advance expertise in the technology over the next five years.

Indo-Norwegian project to bring geothermal power to India

Scientists in India and Norway are collaborating on a joint project to bring geothermal energy to the BRIC country for the first time. The Indian and Norwegian scientists have teamed up to develop knowledge and expertise in capturing and harvesting geothermal energy.

Production to start on first US large-scale biofuel plant

Production is ready to start on the US’s first large-scale biofuel plant. The Indian River BioEnergy Centre in Florida will produce advanced cellulosic biofuels on a large-scale for the first time in autumn 2012.

20MW biomass power plant set for Spain

A 20MW biomass power plant is being built in Spain. Two Spanish firms will develop the plant, with an investment of almost EUR 81m, which will be one of the largest of its kind in the country.

US firm to build world’s largest energy from waste plant in UK

A US gas and chemical firm will build and operate the world’s largest gasification energy-from-waste (EfW) facility in the UK, it emerged this week. Pennsylvania’s Air Products will construct and manage the Tees Valley plant located near Billingham, Teesside.

Most efficient US geothermal tech enters China through JV

The new WaterFurnace Series 7 rivals Climatemaster’s Trilogy 40 as one of the most advanced and efficient heat pumps in the world.


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