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Scots push forward marine technology with GBP 6m R&D funding

Second round of funding aims to bring low-cost marine energy to commercialisation

Scotland is aiming to produce 12GW of electricity from marine power by 2020
Scotland is aiming to produce 12GW of electricity from marine power by 2020

The Scottish Government is to make available GBP 6m to fund research and development in wave and tidal power technology in Scotland. Officials are launching the second round of competitive funding from the original GBP 13m "Waters" fund, launched in March 2010, with the aim of bringing down the cost of developing marine energy in Scotland.

The second call for applications will promote research and development activities in marine energy in Scotland, focused on bringing low-cost wave and tidal technologies to commercialisation.

Scotland, which aims to produce 12GW of electricity from marine resources by 2020, has one of the most advanced marine sectors in the world, including a marine testing centre off the coast of Orkney.

The government said in a statement: “Developing these emerging marine and tidal technologies is extremely challenging, with the environments in which they need to be installed and operated challenging in themselves. Development costs are therefore high, with many companies balancing developing and readying their technologies with the need to pursue and raise investment capital to keep their businesses and devices afloat.”

The grants will help Scottish developers attract match funding for these projects, the government added, particularly for demonstration projects.