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Scotland green lights first nearshore wave array

Wave energy firm receives full consent for 2.4MW demonstration project

Aquamarine Power will deploy another two machines at EMEC
Aquamarine Power will deploy another two machines at EMEC

Regulators in Scotland have given consent for Aquamarine Power to install the UK’s first grid-connected nearshore wave power array. The 2.4MW demonstration project will be located off the coast of Orkney in northern Scotland.

The consents come after Aquamarine, which has been developing its Oyster wave device for a number of years, installed the first device at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney in September. Now the first Oyster 800 device will be joined by two devices.

Martin McAdam, chief executive of Aquamarine, said: “Consents are vital. A clear pathway to all the necessary permits for marine energy development is one of the critical enablers for a business such as ours, and countries which lack a transparent and timely system will fall behind.”

He added: “This is great news - it is clear evidence Scotland is not only leading the way in marine energy technology, but shows that regulator Marine Scotland is putting in place the timely and efficient consent and permitting processes which, will enable our industry to grow.”

The company plans to deploy a 200MW commercial wave site in Orkney, as well as a 40MW site on the Isle of Lewis, western Scotland.