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Run-of-river hydropower plant set for UK

300KW hydroelectric project in Wales to power 300 homes next year

The project will provide a boost to hydropower in Wales

A run-of-river hydropower project is being developed in the UK to start operating next year. The 300kW installation, which will be built on the Afon Cadair river in Wales, is expected to generate an average of 1,300MWh of electricity per year, providing power for up to 300 households.

The Welsh plant, which is expected to begin operation in autumn 2013, will include a Pelton wheel turbine. This is a traditional turbine used in hydropower plants, extracting energy from the impulse of moving water. The plant also utilises dual intake structures to divert the water flow and extract energy from the elevation drop that occurs over a distance downstream.

The project, between Welsh developer Dragon Hydro and London based investor Albion Ventures, will also benefit from a Feed-in-Tariff policy. Albion Ventures has invested GBP 1.3m in the scheme.

Jonathan Bensted, director at Dragon Hydro, said: “Dragon Hydro welcomes Albion as a valued investor and business adviser. With its solid background and track record in supporting businesses in the renewables sector, we are pleased to be working with them. The investment will support the company’s continued growth.”

The plant will be another addition to boost hydropower in Wales. The country is home to the UK’s largest hydropower station, which is in Dinorwig, North Wales. The plant generates over 1.7GW of power.