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Netherlands firm acquires tidal system to boost marine power

Tidal power system set for commercialisation as Ecofys transfers tech to IHC Merwede

The tidal power system has been demonstrated in Westerschelde
The tidal power system has been successfully demonstrated in a pilot plant in Westerschelde in the Netherlands

A Netherlands firm has acquired a tidal power system to help it move into commercialisation and boost marine power. IHC Merwede has signed an agreement to acquire Wave Rotor technology from Netherlands renewable energy Ecofys, which generates electricity using tidal energy and is expected to have a “big impact” on the world.
In contrast to most tidal turbines, the Wave Rotor technology is vertically oriented. It converts power from tidal currents and wave motion directly into electricity. The technology is a patented innovation from Ecofys that has been developed over the past ten years and successfully demonstrated in a 30 kW pilot plant in Westerschelde in the Netherlands.

The technology will be managed by IHC Merwede’s newly established company IHC Tidal Energy. The company has set its goal to successfully bring the acquired technology to market, enriching the world with proven tidal and wave energy converters.

Willem Steenge managing director of IHC Tidal Energy, said: “The acquisition of Wave Rotor technology enables IHC Merwede to launch a fully integrated system to generate electricity using tidal energy. IHC Merwede will contribute, as a reliable link in the chain of new energy and land reclamation, to the sustainability or our world.”

Manon Janssen, managing director of Ecofys, added: “Ecofys is very proud to transfer this innovative technology over to IHC Merwede. With its expertise and global presence, IHC Merwede will bring Wave Rotor technology to the next commercial phase. Ecofys expects that Wave Rotor technology will have a big impact on the world.”