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France and Russia hydro firms in deal to upgrade BRIC country hydro power plants

RusHydro and Alstom sign agreement to upgrade Russia hydro power plant Cascade Kubansky and extend joint venture cooperation

The France and Russia hydro firms have extended their contract to upgrade and modernise hydro power plants

Hydro firms in France and Russia are working together to upgrade hydro power plants in the south of the BRIC country. Russia hydro firm RusHydro and France company Alstom have signed two agreements, which extend their cooperation within the AlstomRusHydroEnergy LLC joint venture (JV), to reconstruct and upgrade the Russia hydro power plants of Cascade Kubansky, in south Russia.

One of the two agreements details the key principles and timelines of the contract signed in 2011 for the reconstruction and upgrade of the Russia hydro power plants. The project is for the modernisation of eight hydropower plants and a pumped storage plant.

The news follows Alstom adding 110MW of hydroelectric technology to the India hydro power plant project, Chuzachen in the BRIC country's east district Sikkim. Renewable Energy Technology reported the hydro news on 20 June this year.

Hydro know-how

In the latest development for the France hydro firm, Alstom will manufacture and deliver equipment as well as supervising the installation, tests and commissioning of the Cascade Kubansky hydro power plants. The France hydro firm said it will do this using its advanced technical know-how and state-of-the-art technologies, particularly for the automation of the hydro power plant's Nevinnomyssk control centre.

Alstom said the agreement outlines the implementation of the project, specifies timelines and the obligations of each party and identifies the area of participation of Russia contractor, ESKO EES JSC. ESKO EES JSC is an integrated engineering company which provides a comprehensive range of consulting and engineering services in the construction and modernisation of power plants, including turnkey solutions.

The second of the two agreements covers the strategic development of AlstomRusHydroEnergy LLC. Alstom said "with the aim of strengthening the cooperation of the two companies in the field of hydro power, the agreement extends the scope of the joint venture to services including the inspection of power plants, supply of spare parts and components, retooling and the repair and upgrade of hydro equipment."

Both parties also intend to extend their cooperation to include innovation and R&D activities, the France hydro firm said.

Chairman of the board for RusHydro, Evgeniy Dod, and chairman and chief executive officer of the Alstom Group, Patrick Kron, signed the hydro power agreements.

Alstom said both partners are also willing to collaborate in order to secure contracts for the JV's plant located at Oufa. As part of its global modernisation programme, RusHydro will entrust the manufacture of equipment for its power plants to AlstomRusHydroEnergy LLC. Alstom intends to integrate AlstomRusHydroEnergy into its worldwide production system.