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Marine & Hydro Power News Archive

A 100ft underwater turbine that will be part of the world’s first tidal power array has been successfully deployed in the sea around Orkney, Scotland. The 1MW Hammerfest Strom HS1000 device can power the... - 15th January 2012
Poor maintenance and engineering were the main causes of the explosion at the Sa
A few hours after unusual load demands were made on the Sayano Shushenkaya hydro plant in Siberia, one of its hydro-generators exploded and within seconds thousands of litres of water flooded the power... - 13th January 2012
The plant will use wave power to provide electricity for 250 homes
Scotland’s marine energy firm Voith Hydro Wavegen has put the world’s first full life wave power plant into commercial operation. The plant has been sold to Ente Vasco de la Energía, the... - 13th January 2012
Buoyant designs can be easily floated into place, removing the need for craneage
As with any industry, once mass production and installation of marine energy conversion devices is possible the cost per unit will decrease significantly. According to firm Sustainable Marine Technologies... - 12th January 2012