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Marine & Hydropower News

Daily hydropower news for the BRIC renewable energy industry. Global coverage of wave and tidal energy, hydro power plants and other hydroelectic power developments

Latest Hydro Energy News:

Quadra Island lies just off the east coast of Vancouver Island and is part of the Discovery Islands, located within the Strathcona Regional District. In January this year, British Columbia Hydro announced... - 23rd November 2015
The Switch, a supplier of megawatt-class permanent magnet (PM) generator and full-power converter packages for wind power and other renewable energy applications, received an order to deliver a medium-speed generator for use in the Atlantis Resources Ltd AR1500 turbine drive train
During March 2015, Atlantis confirmed an order with The Switch for an integrated PM medium-speed generator that resulted from a successfully completed pre-design project carried out in 2014. The Switch... - 9th April 2015
tidal stream generator
Renewable Devices Marine Ltd has already secured a private funding package, as well as securing £100,000 worth of innovation funding form the Scottish Government. Within 18 months the company aims to ... - 3rd October 2014
China Three Gorges Corporation gives Alstom supplier award for French firm’s delivery of turbine generator units to Xiangjiaba hydropower plant - 11th April 2014
Testing agreement with China’s Dongfang set as Atlantis AR1000 prepares to become BRIC country’s first commercial scale tidal stream turbine - 7th April 2014
First of six 68.67MW vertical-axis Francis turbines at SJVN’s Rampur hydroelectric plant is commissioned and connected to India northern grid - 21st March 2014