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US tech association joins India smart grid forum

IEEE Standards Association membership marks “significant step forward” to engage with Indian smart grid market

the US IEEE Standards Association aims to help advance smart grid developments
In joining the forum, the US IEEE Standards Association aims to help advance smart grid developments in India

A US association has joined India’s government-led smart grid forum to help expand deployment of the technology in the country. The US IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), a consensus building organisation that nurtures, develops and advances global technologies, has announced that it has become an associate member of the India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF), according to reports.

The ISGF is a public-private consortium formed with the objective of helping India’s power sector deploy smart grid technologies in an efficient, cost-effective, innovative and scalable manner. It is promoted by Ministry of Power, Govt. of India. The membership will allow IEEE-SA to attend forum meetings and participate in initiatives driven by the forum.

EE TimesIndia reported that the IEEE-SA said the membership “marks a significant step forward in our growing engagement with the Indian smart grid market.”

It said that the growing role in the Indian smart grid market is “in line with the stated commitment of IEEE-SA to play a macro role in evolving the right ecosystem for effective smart grid implementation.”

EE TimesIndia added that the IEEE-SA said it will bring its deep standards related knowledge and arising perspectives to the deliberations at the forum to make a more “holistic" approach.