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US to invest USD 120m in energy storage R&D

Government launches energy innovation hub to accelerate the development of advanced batteries and transmission technology

The US DoE aims to achieve "radical" advances in energy storage
The US Department of Energy aims to achieve "radical" advances in storage and transmission technology

The US government is investing USD 120m in research and development of advanced batteries and energy storage, with the launch of an energy innovation hub. The hub, which will be funded over five years, will bring together scientists and industry across different disciplines to develop “fresh concepts and new approaches” in energy storage technology.

US secretary of energy, Steven Chu, said the hub would “ensure America is at the leading edge of the growing global market for battery technology.”

The government hopes that the outcome will be “radical” and lead to “revolutionary” advances in energy storage and transmission technology that will improve the reliability and efficiency of the electricity grid. It also hopes the work will help integrate renewables into the system and adapt the US for more electric and hybrid vehicles.

The Department of Energy said in a statement: “The ultimate goal will be to surpass the current technical limits for electrochemical energy storage and reduce the risk level enough for industry to further develop the innovations discovered by the hub and deploy these new technologies into the marketplace.”