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UK government to fund carbon abatement technologies

Four companies to receive GBP 3m to demonstrate advanced carbon abatement technologies for power and industrial sectors

The four projects will look to reduce the carbon emissions of power stations
The four projects will look to reduce the carbon emissions of power stations and heavy industry in the UK

The UK government is to invest GBP 3m in the development and demonstration of carbon abatement technologies. The project, which aims to tackle carbon emissions from power stations and energy intensive industries, will be led by power company E.ON, oil and gas engineering firm Guardian Global Technologies, industrial innovation company Newton Industrial, and project management company Stopford.

The government’s funding body said the fund will support “innovative solutions for carbon abatement technologies for large single-point emitters of carbon, including fossil-fuelled power plants and energy-intensive industries such as chemical and metal processing, paper, glass, ceramics and cement”.

For the power sector, the companies will carry out work leading to the development of coating materials for advanced fossil fuel plants co-firing biomass, and breakthrough sensor technology for monitoring CO2 storage.

Meanwhile, the scheme also hopes to lead to the design, development and demonstration of a highly efficient aeration system for wastewater treatment plants, as well as development and demonstration of a microwave plasma gasification plant for the generation of energy from industrial waste streams.

Additionally, small and medium sized enterprises are to carry out ten feasibility studies into carbon abatement innovation, with a further GBP 650,000 of government support.