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Spanish led project to develop offshore energy harvester begins

Technology will transport energy through hydrogen and eliminate the need for cable transmission systems

The technology A project has been launched to dharvests offshore energy in Spain
The technology, which harvests offshore energy in Spain, is taking place in Barcelona

A project has been launched to develop a multi-use open-sea platform to harvest offshore renewable power. The EUR 6m H2OCEAN project, which is taking place at the Barcelona Science Park, Spain, is being led by AWS Truepower, an international renewable energy consulting and information services company.

The H2OCEAN platform will harvest wind and wave power, using part of the energy on-site for multiple applications including a multi-trophic aquaculture farm, and convert on-site, the excess energy into hydrogen.

A unique feature of the H2OCEAN concept, beyond the integration of various activities in different economic sectors, is the approach to transporting excess renewable energy generated offshore through hydrogen.

This conceptual model avoids the grid imbalance problem inherent to current offshore renewable energy systems and eliminates the need for cost-prohibitive cable transmission systems.

Joan Aymamí, vice president of international business at AWS Truepower, said: “The H2OCEAN project is an outstanding opportunity to demonstrate how innovative approaches to energy capture and delivery can make renewable sources the number one contributor to the energy mix in Europe.

“We are thrilled to be leading such a diverse team of specialists and expect the outcome of this project to exceed expectations for all stakeholders.”

H2OCEAN’s design plan will take advantage of synergies between various activities carried out within the platform, minimise environmental impacts, and increase social and economic potential of new maritime activities. Job creation and strengthening European competitiveness are also expected outcomes of the project.

The project is funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme. The consortium involves seventeen companies and public institutions from five European countries from diverse sectors including renewable energy, aquaculture, hydrogen generation and shipping.