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Smart grid advisory board launched to advance energy grids across China and the US

Texan firm sets up board to help companies understand smart grids and accelerate project developments

The US smart grid advisory board aims to help advance energy grid developments i
The smart grid advisory board aims to help advance energy grid developments in China and the US

A US firm has launched a smart grid advisory board which is set to help develop energy grid projects in China. Austin, Texas firm Zpryme has announced the launch of its advisory board to help US and China organisations better understand and engage smart grid systems, while growing its developments in smart grid research.

The board’s work will include advising on smart grid pilots in China and consulting with power utilities in the US. The advisory board consists of a series of US industry thought-leaders, with new additions expected to further the firm’s technical strengths in the overall energy space and smart grid research.

Board members include: Andres Carvallo, EVP and chief strategy officer, Proximetry; Christine Hertzog, managing director, Smart Grid Library; David Sidhu, independent consultant, Smart Grid Communications and Distribution Automation; Gene Zimon, president, Edge Advisers; Jon Arnold, principal, J. Arnold and Associates; and Sandra Diethelm, Director, IXL Pty.

Board members said that the advisory board will help increase smart grid developments and meet demand.

Andres Carvallo, EVP and chief strategy officer, Proximetry, said it will “help further accelerate the realization of smart grids everywhere.”

David Sidhu, independent consultant in Smart Grid Communications and Distribution Automation, added: “Utilities face intricate, unified challenges in developing the smart grid; for many companies across the energy spectrum, a vision of the smart grid will be the only way to meet demands.”

Other members added that it will help companies to be successful in the smart grid sector, with industrial collaborations providing sustainable solutions.

Jon Arnold, principal at J. Arnold and Associates, said: “With this advisory board in place, Zpryme is well positioned to provide the kind of research needed for companies of all sizes to be successful in the emerging smart grid space.”

Sandra Diethelm, Director at IXL Pty Ltd, added: “One of the big challenges is the number of parties involved in smart grid discussions, and with it, the different objectives and areas of interest. Without collaboration across industries and the inclusion of what the customer really wants and needs, solutions are limited and not sustainable.”