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Site moves US firm closer to full scale energy storage

Chosen site will establish battery firm’s first high-volume manufacturing operation

Aquion Energy is a developer and manufacturer of revolutionary batteries
Aquion Energy is a developer and manufacturer of revolutionary batteries and energy storage systems

A US battery firm has moved one step closer to producing full scale energy storage systems after selecting a location for its first large-scale manufacturing facility.

Aquion Energy, a developer and manufacturer of revolutionary sodium ion batteries and energy storage systems, has chosen Pennsylvania as the site for the facility.

The build-out of the base facility and factory infrastructure will begin immediately and continue throughout 2012. Initial product manufacturing is scheduled to commence in 2013. As part of a first phase manufacturing commitment at the site, Aquion expects to create over 400 high-tech manufacturing jobs by the end of 2015.

Aquion Energy CEO Scott Pearson, said: “After considering all of our options, including aggressive offers from a number of other U.S. states, we concluded that southwestern Pennsylvania is the best location for Aquion to establish its first high-volume manufacturing operation.”

Aquion says its technologies and products have been specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of both small and large-scale energy storage applications.

“What started out as a concept at Carnegie Mellon is now growing into a large scale manufacturing operation that will create hundreds of new jobs in the region,” said Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. “My administration is committed to making Pennsylvania an economic leader by investing in the growth of companies like Aquion that are on the cutting edge of technology development and creating the next generation of jobs.”