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EU and US tech leaders to discuss industry challenges at annual China smart grid forum

Figures from industry and technology sectors to share insights on developing a stronger smart grid system in China

The summit aims to discuss ideas to develop a stronger smart grid system for power distribution in China

Industry leaders from the EU and US are to present ideas at China’s annual smart grid forum this month. Figures from firms across the technology sectors, including BaseN in Finland, Siemens in Germany, New York firm Comverge and Zigbee Alliance in California will discuss ideas and challenges on developing a smarter, stronger and more comprehensive smart grid system in the BRIC country.

Lucian Ion, vice president of international development strategy at Comverge, is the latest industry figure to join the lineup at the 4th Annual China Smart Grid Forum 2012. He will moderate an executive panel at the two-day summit, which takes place on 13 September. 

Hosted by the China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC), together with the National Energy Administration, the conference will explore how China can fully harness the potential of renewable energy sources to cut its emissions.

At the conference, Ion will join industry leaders from Siemens, BaseN and the Zigbee Alliance to discuss the challenges of establishing national-level energy and demand management programs. The panel will concentrate on exploring the basic requirement for a smart home, the benefits of smart buildings and how to build a smart Chinese city.

Comverge said: “The Annual China Smart Grid Forum, which will draw more than 300 participants this year, brings together industry thought leaders and a focused audience to discuss energy policy, the regulatory landscape, smart grid standardisation, customer-side issues, smart distribution and smart integration of renewable energy.”