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Energy storage R&D centre opens in US

Kentucky battery manufacturing lab opens for global high-tech companies to develop energy storage tech

The facility should attract high-tech companies from around the world (Image:Kentucky-Argonne)

A facility for research and development of energy storage technologies has opened in the US. The research centre, located in Kentucky, is one of the first battery manufacturing laboratories in the US for energy storage development.

The Kentucky-Argonne Battery Manufacturing Research and Development Centre will enable scientists to study and develop a wide range of energy-related technologies.

The centre in Kentucky is specifically designed to develop and deploy advanced manufacturing processes for batteries and other types of energy storage devices. This should draw new businesses closer to the laboratory.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, said: “Part of our plan for the new facility is to attract high-tech companies and their high-value jobs from across the nation and around the world that want to locate near the laboratory to facilitate research collaborations.”

The research at the centre will also advance the future energy extending from solar and biofuels to advanced electrochemical power supplies such as capacitors and batteries.

Beshear said: “The researchers working here will not only help advance the science involved in manufacturing batteries. They will also explore new technologies that leverage Kentucky’s booming renewable energy resources, such as biomass and biofuels, that can supply the power to charge up tomorrow’s batteries.”

The USD 20.7m project received funding from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, the Kentucky Cabinet for Energy and Environment as well as the University of Kentucky.