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Dutch tech firm in BRIC partnership to advance smart grids in China

Locamation partners with Beijing Shuangdian Electric to develop smart grid automation solutions for Chinese customers

Locamation says it has created a powerful partnership to bring its smart grid systems to China and advance energy distribution in the BRIC country

A Dutch technology provider has entered into an agreement to advance smart grid systems in China. Locamation, which is a provider of independent smart grid automation solutions based in the Netherlands, has entered into a partner agreement with Chinese firm Beijing Shuangdian Electric.

Locamation said that the partnership has been established to build a smart grid automation solution and system which caters for the specific needs of customers in China.

The system will be based on Locamation's SASensor solution for high and medium voltage grids (SASensor HMV). It aims to enhance Shuangdian's offering for innovative substation automation.

Locamation CEO Ton Jansen, said: "By bringing together the experience and knowledge of our two companies, we have created a powerful partnership with which to bring our smart grid systems to China.

Jansen said Shuangdian has a 20 year track record and a 40 per cent market share in the Beijing area in high voltage substation automation, which makes it an ideal partner for the company.

Like Locamation, Shuangdian moved into the medium and low voltage segment of the market, delivering large roll outs, as well as running innovative and comprehensive pilots, he said. This includes the Weizhou Island Smart Microgrid Simulation System for PV, EV, wind and energy storage systems.

Locamation said the company and Shuangdian will concentrate on flexible systems and easy configuration tools. This will enable Chinese power companies to build and refurbish primary and secondary substations, in a process that will involve localisation, certification, testing and training.

Professor Yang, general manager of Shuangdian, said: "When running a global search for potential partners we soon identified Locamation and their SASensor Platform Suite as the best potential fit for China and Shuangdian."

Locamation said that the smart grid solution is expected to be available for use in the first projects which will begin this summer.