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Chinese and German firms partner to advance energy storage

Trina Solar collaborates with E3/DC to develop next generation PV energy storage solutions for homes and businesses

Trina Solar and E3/DC are collaborating to develop energy storage solutions for homes and businesses

Chinese and German firms are working together to develop next generation energy storage solutions. Chinese firm Trina Solar, a manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, is collaborating with Germany-based E3/DC to develop energy storage solutions for homes and small businesses.

Ben Hill, head of Trina Solar Europe, said: “We are very excited about this new collaboration. Storage is a key technology going forward. It helps to balance solar energy generation with consumption. Customers thus become independent from rising energy costs. We see increasing interest in storage solutions and wish to be at the forefront of this development. ”

While the collaboration provides Trina Solar access to best-in-class storage technologies, E3/DC benefits from Trina Solar’s global footprint.

“Trina Solar is a well established and well respected global solar brand,” said Andreas Piepenbrink, managing partner of E3/DC. “Trina Solar’s sales and marketing offices throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas allow us to reach out to a multiple of markets and a broad scope of customers. This is a highly important and promising collaboration for us.”