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US-tech to develop Italian firm’s geothermal plant

EGP will use Ormat technology for 25 MW Cove Fort project in Utah

The tech will be used to construct a geothermal plant
The tech will be used to construct a geothermal plant

An Italian renewables firm is using US geothermal technology to build a plant in Utah. Italy’s Enel Green Power has selected technology of Nevada firm Ormat technologies to develop its 25 MW Cove Fort geothermal plant in the US. 

Ormat’s subsidiary, Ormat Nevada, will supply EGP with two air cooled Ormat Energy Converters. Ormat said the converter’ is a “self contained power package”, which includes a combustion system, vapour generator, turbo-alternator, an air-cooled condenser and rectifier housed in a shelter. 

EGP claims that the plant, which is currently under construction, will have a gross installed capacity of 25 MW and will be able to generate around 160 GWh of electricity per year when completed.

It will supply up to 3000 W of filtered DC power on a continuous 24-hour-per-day basis for over 25 years and has been proven to operate with very low maintenance and no overhauls. 

The supply of the geothermal units is part of a USD 61.4m engineering, procurement and construction contract between EGP and Ormat.

Yoram Bronicki, president and COO of Ormat, said: “This development will incorporate Ormat’s low-operating-cost design and our consistent project completion standards. We’ve had great success in deploying similar equipment to a myriad of projects worldwide and we intend to continue reinforcing this track record in established and new markets.”