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US enzyme tech to boost biofuel production

Dyadic’s AlternaFuel product to increase efficiency of bioenergy solutions

The enzyme product developed will boost biofuel production
The enzyme product developed will boost biofuel production

A US biotechnology company has advanced its enzyme technology to boost biofuel production. Firm Dyadic’s next generation enzyme solution, “AlternaFuel CMAX3”, has increased performance over broader pH and temperature ranges. The company said this produces biofuels more efficiently and cheaply.

Jan Wery, science director at Dyadic Netherlands, said the technology “achieved a similar saccharification yield at pH 5.0, and substantially better results at pH 6.0, than those achieved by the current leading competitive biofuels enzyme product."

AlternaFuel CMAX3 is the latest generation of a cellulase and hemicellulase complex based on Dyadic’s C1 platform technology. It enables the conversion of multiple forms of non-food biomass into fermentable sugars that can be used to produce biofuels, biogas and other bio-based products.

Mark Emalfarb, Dyadics president and CEO, said: "The data supporting this product clearly demonstrates Dyadic's scientific capabilities to leverage our C1 technology platform in order to create enzyme mixtures whose performance rivals the leading biofuels enzyme product on the market. This is largely due to the inherent robustness and versatility of the C1 genome and expression system, both of which have considerable untapped potential. 

“Dyadic and its licensees are continuing to develop better performing enzymes to further reduce the total cost of producing advanced biofuels and other bio-based products," he said.