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Production to start on first US large-scale biofuel plant

Florida facility expected to produce 8 million gallons of advanced cellulosic biofuels a year

Indian River BioEnergy Centre could produce 8m gallons of bioethanol and 6MW of energy every year (Image: INEOS Bio)

Production is ready to start on the US’s first large-scale biofuel plant. The Indian River BioEnergy Centre in Florida will produce advanced cellulosic biofuels on a large-scale for the first time in autumn 2012.

Swiss firm INEOS Bio has completed the construction of the centre and will produce advanced bioethanol from non-food waste materials. 

The facility that uses INEOS Bio’s feedstock-flexible BioEnergy technology is expected to produce 8m gallons of advanced bioethanol and 6MW of renewable power annually from renewable biomass. This includes local yard, vegetative and agricultural wastes. According to the firm, the centre will power 1,400 homes in the Vero Beach community.

Peter Williams, CEO of INEOS Bio, said: “We have completed this new facility on schedule and on budget and look forward to further advancing this bioenergy technology and making it commercially available around the world.”

The Indian River BioEnergy Centre uses a combination of gasification and fermentation technology to turn different types of waste materials, including municipal solid waste, into advanced biofuels and renewable power.

Williams said: “New technologies like this will move us further away from and eventually change the food versus fuel debate.”