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Most efficient US geothermal tech enters China through JV

WaterFurnace Renewable Energy forms joint venture to penetrate China’s fast-growing market

WaterFurnace 7 uses high efficiency geothermal technology

The new WaterFurnace Series 7 rivals Climatemaster’s Trilogy 40 as one of the most advanced and efficient heat pumps in the world. The pump, launched in July, features a Danfoss variable speed compressor and fan motor with technology designed to reject heat through either a closed or open loop geothermal system.

WaterFurnace Renewable Energy says the system is more efficient than any ordinary heating and cooling system and 30% more efficient than any other two-stage geothermal heat pump. It exceeds both 41 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), which is roughly 55 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and 5.3 coefficient of performance (COP).

EcoMech Geothermal & Mechanical of Atlanta has just announced that it will be the first company to install and test the WaterFurnace Series 7 residential variable capacity geothermal technology in the US state of Georgia.

Tim Uzar, CEO of EcoMech, said: “The WaterFurnace 7 is one of the most efficient air conditioning systems I have ever experienced in my 17 years of work. It's so quiet and designed so well that we literally weren’t even sure if it was running or not.”

On 30 July, WaterFurnace Renewable Energy announced a joint venture with Ningbo Shenglong Group Company. The resulting new company, WaterFurnace Shenglong HVACR Climate Solutions Co., Ltd. (WFSL), will focus primarily on heat pump technologies for the fast growing Chinese geothermal market.
Research and Markets has predicted the market for heat pumps in China is expected to grow to RMB 95bn (USD 15bn) by 2015, driven by rising energy costs.

Tom Huntington, President and CEO of WaterFurnace Renewable Energy said: "Our increased global footprint and ability to bring focus to the Chinese market bodes well for the company. Not only does this venture provide new sourcing and distribution opportunities, it also brings the enormous growth potential of the Chinese market to WaterFurnace and its shareholders. We're very excited to have the staff of Shenglong as a partner."

It is expected that these new products will also provide WFSL entry into other Asian territories and eventually other markets worldwide.