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Mailhem and Lhotellier Ikos set up waste to energy JV for India

Indian firm Mailhem Engineers and French company Lhotellier Ikos announce joint venture to create waste to energy solutions in India

The Mailhem and Lhotellier Ikos JV will specialise in waste to energy production from organic and household waste

Firm Mailhem Engineers in India has set up a joint venture (JV) with French group Lhotellier Ikos to develop waste to energy solutions in the BRIC country. Mailhem Engineers, which is a leading Indian waste management company, and Lhotellier Ikos, a French-based group specialising in infrastructure and renewable energy, have announced the JV to create waste to energy solutions firm Mailhem Ikos Environment in India.

The JV will specialise in waste to energy production from organic and household waste, turnkey biogas plant development and recycling solutions. This includes design, construction, operations, as well as landfill restoration. The solutions will also enable close to 85 per cent of the waste to be reused in the form of energy or be recycled.

Mailhem Engineers said with the growing concerns of energy and waste in India, Mailhem Ikos will be able to provide “centralised solutions for waste management.”

Mailhem Engineers also said bringing together expertise of Mailhem and the technological prowess of Ikos, will also allow the JV to establish large-scale waste management biogas plants of up to 500 tonnes in India.

Paul Lhotellier, president, Lhotellier Ikos Group, said: “Creation and execution of the waste to energy solutions are a win-win situation both economically through production of energy and environmentally through reusage of waste. The dual advantages of these solutions truly make them an integral aspect of addressing the global issues relating to waste and energy consumption. It is an exciting time for us to be able to expand our presence into India by joining hands with Mailhem.”

The joint venture follows Mailhem Engineers working with the Lhotellier Ikos group for two years.

Colonel Suresh Rege, founder of Mailhem Engineers, said: “We have been working with Lhotellier Ikos Group on domestic projects over the last two years, and have found a strong synergy amongst the companies in terms of vision, approach, and execution.

“We are seeing a growing demand of our waste to energy solutions, and joining hands with Ikos will help us to cater to this growing market. Waste and energy are two rising concerns in India, and we look forward to an opportunity to do our part to address these national issues,” he said.

The news from Mailhem and Lhotellier Ikos is the latest example of a French firm involved in a waste to energy JV for a BRIC country in March this year. French firm Suez Environment set up a joint venture (JV) with China-based firms to construct a waste to energy plant in city Nantong, in Jiangsu province, last week.