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Indo-Norwegian project to bring geothermal power to India

Indian and Norwegian scientists’ work to build knowledge in capturing geothermal energy aims to start national programme for BRIC country

The project is set to bring geothermal power to India

Scientists in India and Norway are collaborating on a joint project to bring geothermal energy to the BRIC country for the first time. The Indian and Norwegian scientists have teamed up to develop knowledge and expertise in capturing and harvesting geothermal energy. This aims to begin the development of geothermal power in India and start a national programme for the renewable energy sector. 

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG) and Geological Survey of India, which are involved in the India-Norway project, have already determined what geothermal sites will be part of the research.

The Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology in India conducts research into Geology and related fields. Anil K. Gupta, professor and director at the WIHG said no electricity is currently generated from geothermal sources in India. Yet the country has the potential to generate 10,000MW of geothermal power.

“The basic objective of the Indo-Norwegian project is to increase awareness amongst scientists and policy makers about the potential of this unexplored resource of energy,” he said.

“We intend to develop it as a National Programme in India so that geothermal energy can be used as a clean and alternative source of energy.”

According to Gupta, the project team will explore thermal spring sites as well as analyse the sources of gases, temperature of water and other geochemical parameters. A final report on the project is planned for 2015.