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Indo-Norwegian geothermal project to explore heat pump tech in India

Indian and Norway institutions set to develop heat pumps and underground storage to bring geothermal power to BRIC country

The Indo-Norwegian project is set to utilise India's geothermal sources

Researchers from India and Norway will explore heat pump technology in the BRIC country as part of a major joint geothermal project, it has been revealed. The Indo-Norwegian geothermal strategy will study the potential of ground source heat pumps and underground storage in a bid to bring geothermal power to India.

Following the partnership between several institutions in India and Norway, the BRIC country plans to set up a national programme on geothermal energy in the near future. The pilot project will be set up in India in a region similar to Norway to utilise geothermal sources in the country.
Rune Volla is director of the department for energy for The Research Council of Norway, which is helping to develop the project. He said: “Norway and India have, for some time, been developing closer cooperation in the field of renewable energy. Special means have been set up and one of the granted projects shall deal with ground source heat pump systems with integrated solutions for underground energy storage".

The project will concentrate on the sites located in Himalaya, particularly Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh, Puga valley in Laddkh area of Jammu and Kashmir and Tapoban in Uttarakhand States.

It will examine the three locations and their potential in geothermal energy throughout the remainder of 2012. The geothermal collaboration will see Indian Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, National Institute of Technology, Punjab University and Indian Institute of Technology cooperate with Norwegian Geotechnical Institute to utilise Indian geothermal sources, research heat pumps and jointly advance geothermal energy storage.

Doctor Bhoop Singh is director of the department of science and technology and coordinator for the Indian side of the project. He said: “The technical feasibility study of the proposed three sites is being undertaken to ensure the exploration of geothermal energy on sustainable basis”.