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Indian firms to build Netherlands-tech biomass plant

Thermax uses Dahlman system at Ruchi to boost bioenergy efficiency

The biomass plant will use Netherlands-tech
The biomass plant will use Netherlands-tech

Two Indian energy firms are working together to build a biomass gasification plant in the country using Dutch technology. Thermax India will construct the 1 MW plant with technology acquired from the Energy Research Centre and firm Dahlman, both based in the Netherlands.

The “fluidised bed” biomass gasification plant will be set up on the Ruchi Soya Industries premises in Washim, Maharashtra. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), which is implementing the project, said the plant could boost efficiency in biomass systems, compared with current technology. 

The MNRE said: “The gasification system is proposed to have a higher conversion efficiency (more than 95 per cent) than existing systems (80 to 85 per cent), and an advanced gas cleanup system. The system is expected to overcome existing barriers including the standardisation of MW capacity systems and the generation of operating data and grid quality power.”

According to the MNRE, a cumulative generation capacity of 3700 MW has been established in India through biomass power and bagasse cogeneration.