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German engineering group buys Choren biomass gasification technology

Linde Group plans to license Carbo-V technology to produce biogas and biofuels

The technology has been applied on a semi-commercial plant in Germany
The technology has been applied on a semi-commercial plant in Freiburg, Germany

Linde Group has purchased biomass gasification technology from an insolvent German firm, and is looking for licensees for the product. The German company acquired the Carbo-V technology from Choren, which went into administration in 2011.

The Carbo V technology can produce biogas or biofuels from biomass products such as wood. The system converts the feedstock to biocoke and carbonisation gas in a low temperature gasifier, before the gas is partially oxidised in a high temperature gasifier. The biocoke is then blown into the hot gas stream of the high temperature gasifier, creating a synthesis gas which can be processed into biodiesel.

Linde told Renewable Energy Technology the firm has already entered talks with potential licensees. However, it does not intend to licence Carbo-V until it has matured the development design, which the company said would happen in the "short term". It is also considering how it can further develop the technology in conjunction with its existing technical portfolio.

A spokesman for Linde said: “This is a great fit to Linde´s existing technologies as in addition to gasification it is possible to think of air separation and CO2 separation [Linde’s Rectisol technology]”.