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EU firm to participate in bioenergy research in Finland and India to build up forest and energy partnerships

Fortum will take part in BEST research programme with goal to encompass new kind of collaboration between forest and energy know-how

Participants in the BEST research programme will include forest, energy, technology and consultancy companies

A Finnish firm is to take part in a bioenergy research programme in Finland and India which aims to build up collaborations between forest and energy companies. Firm Fortum will participate in the Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow (BEST) research programme, which is established by two Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOK), CLEEN Oy and FIBIC Oy, in the EU and BRIC countries.

The programme is the first joint programme of the two SHOKs, with a goal is to encompass a "completely new kind of collaboration between forest and energy know-how." TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) is the main partner from India during the first phase of the programme.

Participants in the new research programme include several forest, energy, technology and consultancy companies as well as universities and research institutions. The research programme will last four years with an annual volume of about EUR 4m. Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) is providing EUR 4.2m in funding for the first two-year period of the programme.

Dr Pradipta Halder, director, TERI Nordic, said: "Cooperation between TERI Nordic and Fortum Corporation will provide clear opportunities to address the energy challenges faced by a large number of Indian states and union territories, particularly in the east and south, by introducing next generation of renewable energy technologies and production pathways developed by Fortum.

"Foreign collaboration can bring state of the art technologies into the country, especially clean energy technologies and expertise for efficient ways of producing and distributing power all over the country," he added.