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Chinese engineering firm upgrades landfill gas into renewables fuel with Canadian technology

Golden Green makes second purchase from Xebec for kinetic landfill gas separation system

The landfill gas will be upgraded to produce a renewable fuel
The landfill gas will be upgraded to produce a renewable fuel

Canadian technology is being used to upgrade landfill gas into renewable fuel in China. Xebec Adsorption Inc, based in Quebec, Canada, is to install the system at Chinese engineering firm Golden Green’s Anshan city landfill site early next year. Golden Green Environmental Engineering aims to upgrade and compress the landfill gas at Anshan to produce a renewable transportation fuel.

This is the second purchase order the Chinese firm has made for the BGX kinetic landfill gas separation system from the Canadian gas solutions specialist. 

Xebec said: “Our ability to separate higher levels of nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2) from landfill gas sites, while maintaining excellent recovery rates at around 90 per cent continues to offer solid competitive advantages for customers. Less effective equipment providers offer significantly lower recovery rates, and therefore lower associated revenues for customers using these systems when compared to Xebec's BGX.”

The majority of current landfill gas projects in China are for electricity generation, but as the price of natural gas in the Chinese transportation sector increases, landfill operators are looking increasingly towards upgrading the gas to higher value transportation fuel. 

Xebec says that in working with Golden Green they will continue to focus on the 150 to 170 medium sized landfills in China that qualify for upgrading landfill gas to renewable transportation fuel.

The deal is the second purchase made by Golden Green as part of a broader distribution agreement signed earlier this year. Xebec could supply up to 15 upgrading systems to Golden Green over the next four years. The value of these systems ranges between CDN 1.7m to CDN 5.5m each, depending on the landfill gas flow rates and gas composition. Xebec says that all systems will be designed, manufactured and cost optimised at Xebec's Shanghai facility. 

Graham Robson, Xebec's vice president for Asia/Pacific Operation, said: "This second BGX landfill gas order is a further step forward for Xebec in the Chinese landfill gas market, further reinforcing our technology advantage and market opportunity. We look forward to expanding our relationship with Golden Green and anticipate many similar orders in the months and years to come.”