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Brazilian and US firms join forces to create world’s largest biofuels platform

Copersucar & Eco-Energy join ethanol operations to become largest biofuel marketer

The development between Copersucar and Eco-Energy will provide the world's largest biofuels platform

Bioenergy firms in Brazil and the US have joined up to create what they claim is the largest biofuels platform in the world. Eco-Energy, a leading biofuel marketer and logistics company in the US, and Copersucar, the largest sugar and ethanol trader in Brazil, have announced the internationalisation of their ethanol operations with a joint investment to build and expand their integrated platform and become the world’s largest biofuel marketer.

With the BRIC-US partnership, Copersucar and Eco-Energy add their global supply capacity of 2.6 billion gallons, (10 billion litres), of biofuel per year. Combined, the two companies handle 12 per cent of the global market share in growing ethanol space.

Copersucar said the new structure creates the largest and most sophisticated biofuels platform in the world, which will help create significant efficiencies in the global supply chain as well as add value to both of the companies’ partner plants. The firm said the companies’ operations are very similar and complementary, focusing on the integration of world supply-demand and logistic solutions throughout the supply chain.

Luís Roberto Pogetti, Coperscucar’s chairman, said: "With this partnership, Copersucar becomes a truly global company in the biofuel market, expanding the scale of its operations to the two main ethanol markets in the world, which are the US and Brazil, both in production and consumption volume.”

Eco-Energy CEO Chad Martin, said: “The biofuels industry continues to evolve and expand beyond the borders of North America, and we need to constantly be working to open new markets, while also being in a position to meet the current biofuel requirements domestically under the RFS (Renewable Fuel Standard). This partnership builds on the great platform and team we have created at Eco-Energy and opens up significant opportunity for our producer partners.”

Larry Beckwith, chairman of Eco-Energy, added: “We look forward to expanding globally with a partner as well respected as Copersucar. We have a similar business model and a comparable view on global biofuel growth. This partnership will help secure and build on the success of our company for years to come.”

The news from Copersucar and Eco-Energy is the latest development for biofuels between the US and Brazil. It follows news, such as in August, when Brazilian company CTBE selected technology from US firm AdvanceBio Systems for R&D to raise the production of bioethanol.