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Austrian algae tech shortlisted for Brazilian bioenergy innovation of the year award

Tech firm SAT named on shortlist for award to recognise excellence in innovations furthering Brazil’s bioenergy sector

SAT, which has been shortlisted for the award, aims for its technology to improve the process of biofuel production

An Austrian algae technology firm has been shortlisted for a major award for bioenergy innovation in Brazil. Vienna firm SEE Algae Technology (SAT), a leading developer of infrastructure for the commercial production of high-quality algae, has been named on the shortlist of nominees for the Brazilian Bioenergy Innovation of the Year Award.

The Award, which recognises excellence in innovation in furthering the bioenergy sector in Brazil, is granted by a panel of six independent and expert judges. It takes place in conjunction with the World Biofuels Markets Brazil conference in Sao Paulo later this month.

SAT’s technology in the cultivation of industry scale micro-algae, using patented photobioreactors for biofuel production, has put the company on the award’s shortlist.

Joachim Grill, SAT chief executive officer, said: “Our technology obviates the need for arable land in the profitable production of biofuels and so decouples the process from world food markets. We see this as the only long-term and credible solution being offered to the market. With the ongoing debate around the impact of biofuel production on world food prices, we believe that the cultivation of micro-algae offers a viable, profitable alternative.”

Grill said he was thrilled to be on the shortlist to win the award.

"It is an honour to be included among the top innovators in the extremely active Brazilian bioenergy market,” he said. “Consideration for this award is yet another indication both that market participants support our model and that micro-algae is at the forefront of the search for a profitable alternative to fossil fuels.”