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Austrian algae tech firm wins Brazilian bioenergy innovation of the year award

SAT receives award recognising excellence in innovations furthering Brazil’s bioenergy sector

SAT aims for its award-winning technology to improve biofuel production

An Austrian algae technology firm has won the Brazilian Bioenergy Innovation of the year award. Vienna company SEE Algae Technology (SAT), a leading developer of infrastructure for the commercial production of high-quality algae, received the award for its algae cultivation technology. The news follows the firm winning a place on the award’s shortlist earlier this month.

The Award recognises excellence in innovation in furthering the bioenergy sector in Brazil. SAT, which accepted the Award at the annual World Biofuels Markets Congress in Brazil, won the award for the cultivation of its industry scale micro-algae, using patented photobioreactors for biofuel production.

In explaining their decision to grant the highly competitive award to SAT, the independent judging panel assembled by Green Power Conferences cited the company's cooperation with Brazil's Grupo JB ("JB") as "worthy of recognition" and potentially "a major boost for the commercialisation of microalgae-based biofuels worldwide."

The project, currently under construction, comprises an industrial-scale microalgae production plant at the site of an existing JB sugarcane ethanol facility. Once operational, the facility will primarily be utilised to produce bioethanol and algal biomass from both natural and genetically modified algae strains. This algae production facility will utilise SAT's proprietary photobioreactors to grow algae using the sugarcane facility's CO2 waste stream as its primary feedstock.

SAT chief executive officer Dr. Joachim Grill, said: "Winning the Brazilian Bioenergy Innovation of the Year Award proves that the marketplace believes in the groundbreaking work we are doing with Grupo JB. By introducing an algae cultivation technology that produces renewable biofuels and algae feed at prices that are competitive with mainstream alternatives, SAT is shifting the biofuels conversation from the future to the present, from hopeful potential to actualised results.”

Nadim Chaudhry, CEO of Green Power Conferences, organiser of the awards and conference, said the high standard of the award’s shortlist shows the progression of innovations in Brazil’s bioenergy sector.

"With more than forty high quality entries, these awards are sending a clear signal that the Brazilian bioenergy industry is making great progress, often times through innovative collaborations, to find efficient, sustainable solutions to future global energy needs," he said.