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Renewable energy blog posts

Welcome to the Renewable Energy Blog Index. Below you will find this month's top renewable energy industry blog posts

Ralf Boscheck
25th November 2014
Posted: 25th November 2014,  Total views: [totalcount]
New guidelines raise questions rather than action
Shashank Kirloskar
26th August 2014
Posted: 26th August 2014,  Total views: [totalcount]
Solar energy has been embraced by the West as a clean alternative to standard electrical usage, but in emerging markets, solar energy addresses more than environmental concerns. It addresses the need to maintain health, communication and education systems in countries struggling to develop.
Shekhar Gupta
13th February 2014
Posted: 13th February 2014,  Total views: [totalcount]
Synergy between public and private sectors will develop hydropower potential in India, says Shekhar Gupta. But the industry first needs to adopt a model which will enable fruitful partnerships between the sectors
James Wheatcroft
James Wheatcroft
20th August 2013
Posted: 20th August 2013,  Total views: [totalcount]
Hydropower is the greatest weapon in the Chinese arsenal for creating a lower carbon power sector. However, it is an industry which provides critics with ammunition, says James Wheatcroft
Mia Henderson
8th May 2013
Posted: 8th May 2013,  Total views: [totalcount]
While there are companies looking to break through the energy storage glass ceiling, technology needs to be developed that can put energy storage for renewables on a big scale, says Mia Henderson. Getting there is tough, but not impossible, she says
Lewis MacNulty
Lewis MacNulty
21st January 2013
Posted: 21st January 2013,  Total views: [totalcount]
China shines the way for building-integrated PV, but it’s time for Brazil and India to follow, says Lewis MacNulty
Robin Yapp - renewable energy blogger
Robin Yapp
12th December 2012
Posted: 12th December 2012,  Total views: [totalcount]
From the recent devastation of Hurricane Sandy in the US, to the blackouts in India which left more than 700m people without electricity in July, the smart grid has never seemed more important.